Leveraging Technology in SH&E

Pierre J. Van Neste

Imagine safety professionals arriving at site, equipped with a hand held device that tells them which asset, process, system, training compliance needs to be audited, inspected, or certied. The future is NOW for Safety. Cloud computing and software as a service (SaaS) technology is fundamentally changing the way we work and promoting a re-organization of the business to take advantage of this new wave of innovation. Mr. Van Neste will discuss how organizations can leverage new technologies into their SH&E initiatives. Download Slideshow

Software Tools for Establishing and Maintaining SHE Compliance

Milan L. Dayalal

OSHA enforcement is at its highest levels in history. Organizations need to ensure employees are prepared when an OSHA inspector pays them a visit, as well as maintain a safe and compliant work environment on an ongoing basis. This session will outline how software tools can help to reduce organizational risk by monitoring changes to the regulations, automating tasks and corrective actions, documenting critical compliance information, and establishing accountability and visibility throughout the organization. Download Slideshow

The Formula: Technology x (Engagement +Recognition + Communications) / Measurement = Safety Improvement

Brian Galonek

Unfortunately technology, when deployed poorly, can produce negative results by reducing the human interactions that are essential for companies to evolve. Ironically, technology, when used properly, has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for innovative safety managers who deploy it to create a more highly engaged work force that is motivated to work safer. The presentation will explain and provide real world examples of how technology is used in conjunction with these Safety Pillars and why it results in outstanding safe work improvement. Download Slideshow