Road Safety Research Highlights

Y. Ian Noy, Ph.D, CPE

Dr. Noy provided a a brief overview of the Research Institute’s mission and scope of research and provide specific descriptions of current research priorities in the area of road safety. Download Slideshow

Capital Program EHS

Caswell Holloway

Commissioner Holloway and DEP associates presented an overview of historical EHS performance on their capital program over the past few years and highlight new initiatives that are being implemented to improve upon the performance. Download Slideshow

Caswell Holloway Heather Belovin The New Norm, Yesterday, Today annd Tomorrow

Paul Turiano

Mr. Turiano discussed how the EH&S profession continues to evolve and practitioners need to face a host of new challenges and responsibilities. Download Slideshow

Compliance, Safety, Acoountability (CSA 2010)

Carmen W. Daecher,

Mr. Daecher discussed the key points of CSA and their implication for operators of commercial vehicles. Download Slideshow

Preparing for a Business Disrupting Event in the Current Economy: PPE Considerations

Nicole Vars McCullough, PHD, CIH

Dr. McCullough reviewed Examples of business continuity plans including recommendations for PPE stockpiling. She also discussed other factors which should be considered when making determinations regarding types and quantities of PP Download Slideshow