OSHA Mission & Direction 2015

Richard Mendelson

The Occupational Safety and Health Administration continues to assure safe and healthful working conditions for working men and women. Our keynote speaker will focus on OSHA’s mission and direction for the coming year, provide an update on current and future regulatory changes, including the new OSHA injury reporting requirements, protecting temporary workers, the Alliance Program and other new initiatives in the pipeline. Download Slideshow

NYC Building Code Revisions

Robert D'Alessio

Chapter 33 of the NYC Building Code was revised and became effective on December 31 2014. Chapter 33 covers construction and demolition safety and applies to all types of construction, alteration, demolition work and to all types of buildings. The goals of the revision to Chapter 33 were to: • Add Requirements To Enhance Construction Safety • Incorporate New Technologies and Industry Best Practices • Clarify Ambiguities in Code Language • Consolidate Safety-RelatedRegulations Into Chapter 33 The presentation will focus on significant changes to Chapter 33 that all contractors, safety professionals, and design professionals should be aware of. Download Slideshow

Prevention through Design: Sustainable Innovation in Safety Management

T. Michael Toole, PhD, PE, F.ASCE

Prevention through Design (PtD) is an emerging safety management technique that involves design professionals explicitly considering the safety of workers who will implement their design. The presentation will summarize the PtD concept and the ethical and sustainability-related reasons for PtD, provide common examples, summarize tools and processes that enable PtD, and identify potential barriers to performing PtD. The presentation will conclude with suggestions for how to move forward with implementing PtD in your organization. Download Slideshow

New York City Fire Code Update

Louis Cendagorta

Unfortunately technology, when deployed poorly, can produce negative results by reducing the human interactions that are essential for companies to evolve. Ironically, technology, when used properly, has proven itself to be an invaluable tool for innovative safety managers who deploy it to create a more highly engaged work force that is motivated to work safer. The presentation will explain and provide real world examples of how technology is used in conjunction with these Safety Pillars and why it results in outstanding safe work improvement. Download Slideshow