Site Safety in These Economic Times

Willam D. Motherway

An overview of how this past year’s events have impacted the Operations, Safety and Loss Prevention in New York City. Download Slideshow

The State of OSHA

Robert D. Kulick, Richard Mendelson

Mr. Kulick and Mr. Mendelson discuss the current and future direction of OSHA with emphasis on Region II and the Metropolitan New York area. Download Slideshow

People, Assets and the Environment

Thomas Terracino

An overview of the Mars approach to keep the essential focus on cornerstone processes like Safety Environmental Affairs, and Security during times of acquisition, Supply Chain transformation, and challenging economic times. Download Slideshow

Ergonomics for the Safety Professional

Cynthia Roth

Ergonomics can assist any safety professional in the development of “best practices” interventions by educating management, supervisors, and employees. Organizations can reduce and manage occupational risk factors by applying a totally integrated approach of safety and ergonomics to workplace risk management. Download Slideshow